A few more pics from that pitch.

I’m starting a new tag for my blog. 

Hey hey, I’m in a podcast!

I had a really good chat with the guys at The Pegbar and Grill just before I left London. We drank beers and talked about filmmaking, Late Night Work Club and technology. Im really glad we got to get some of this stuff on record because it was the end of a really important chapter in my life/career and I had a lot of things on my mind. 

I dont share a lot of ‘myself’ online, so if that that’s ever interested you this might be something you’ll be into.

Late last year I had the true pleasure of working with Johnny Kelly and animators Felix Massie and Joe Sparrow on Johnny’s new film- Shape.

The film will be released very soon, but in the mean time there will be gif releases daily here - http://makeshapechange.tumblr.com/

The title above was animated by myself and Felix. It was designed by Johnny.

Another little snippet from playing around in Verve. 

Another little snippet from playing around in Verve

First sketch trying out Verve.

Not home.

Staying in LA for a few days, This has an LA vibe I think. Also undoubtably an Emmanuelle Walker vibe too. Its her Birthday by they way, go wish her a good time!
Big thanks Louis Morton for putting me up for a few days! 

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